Horizon Prize-Materials for clean air
Call Identifier: Materials for clean air
Publication Date: 26/01/2017
Budget: 3,000,000 €
Deadline: 23/01/2018  Brussels time
Specific Programme(s): Societal Challenges
Theme(s): Health, demographic change and wellbeing

Materials for clean air

Prize: €3 million
The contest has been launched and you can apply from 26 January 2017 until 23 January 2018.
Rules & Guidance

Topic:   CLEANAIR-01-2015: Horizon Prize – Materials for Clean Air
Types of action: IPr Inducement Prize

  1. List of countries and applicable rules for funding:  described in part 8 of the Rules for Contest.
  2. Eligibility and exclusion criteria:  described in part 8 of the Rules for Contest.
  3. Evaluation and award criteria and procedure:   described in part 3 of the Rules for Contest.
  4. Application page limits and layout:please refer to the Prize application template.
  5. Indicative timetable for evaluation and award of prizes: described in articles 4 and 6 of the Rules of Contest.
  6. Application templates and evaluation forms for prizes under this topic: Application template for inducement prizes

  7. Additional provisions:described in theRules for Contest.
    General rules for prizesare described inpart F of the General Annexesof the General Work Programme.
  8. Glossary:described in article 9 of the Rules of Contests.


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