Bilateral Cooperation Program Germany-Israel
Call Identifier: 10th German - Israeli Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects
Publication Date: 4/09/2017
Budget: 0 €
Deadline: 4/12/2017 23:00  Jerusalem time zone
Specific Programme(s): Bilateral
Theme(s): Bi-National Programs
Bilateral Cooperation Program Germany-Israel

Scope // Additional documents

Germany and Israel are announcing a Call for Proposals for joint R&D projects, focusing on developing innovative products and applications in all technological and application areas. Applicants are expected to develop ready-to-market solutions for products, technology-based services or methods which have strong market potential for Germany, Israel and Europe. Partners apply for their R&D project for a EUREKA label a pan European network for market-oriented R&D.

ISERD and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) will provide access to public funding for joint projects provided by OCS (Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy, Israel) and by the BMWi’s ZIM program (Central Innovation program for SMEs), respectively. Minimum requirement concerning project consortium is the participation of at least one company of each of the participating countries.

The program is managed in cooperation and in line with the procedures of the EUREKA initiative.

ISERD and BMWi (supported by the EUREKA-Office, Bonn and the ZIM project management agency) will provide all necessary assistance to project partners during the project proposal, evaluation and monitoring phases. In addition, both ISERD and the EUREKA-Office will facilitate the EUREKA application process and acquisition of the EUREKA label for accepted proposals and will accompany the progress of the respective EUREKA projects.

Submission and approval procedures

The completed EUREKA application form (in English) should be submitted to ISERD in Israel and to the EUREKA-Office in Germany simultaneously by December 4st, 2017. The forms have to be legally signed by all participating companies. The signatures must be scanned and sent electronically together with the EUREKA application form. Final EUREKA status is only granted when the funding of all project partners has been secured.

The EUREKA project application will be screened and evaluated by ISERD in Israel and the German EUREKA Office.


Contacts in Germany:

German Aerospace Center Project Management Agency

EUREKA-Office Heinrich-Konen-Str. 1

53227 Bonn

Tel. +49 228 3821 1335




Contacts in Israel:

Uzi Bar-Sadeh



Tel: +972 3-5118 185






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