Hydrocarbon Cyber Security Summit 2015

The Hydrocarbon Cyber Security Summit, will bring together key actors from both Oil & Gas majors and Technology industries, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of current systems. The summit will also promote essential collaboration between decision makers and technology experts, in order to streamline solutions to resist cyber threats and attacks.

The Hydrocarbon Cyber Security Summit will focus on:

* Gaining Insights on Industrial Control Systems – Trends & Forecasts
* Optimising SCADA Networks
* Streamlining Technologies to Create & Improve Efficient Responses to    Cyber Threats
* Capitalising on Systems Design & Architecture for an Improved ROI
* Exploring Interoperability across Multi-vendor Solutions
* Cyber Security Forensics
* The Network Information Security Directive
* Cyber Security for Critical Energy Infrastructure
* Threat Intelligence
* Acknowledging the Human Factor
* The Future of Cyber Security

Date 14/10/2015 - 15/10/2015
Location London, United Kingdom
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