CoU Event 14-16 March

The plenary CoU meeting will provide the CoU with some policy updates as well as general introductions of the different thematic workshops that will be held the two following days (15-16 March). In addition, the agenda includes a round-table discussion about culture of risks and the role of CSOs. The full day of the CoU plenary will be web streamed, hence enabling to follow discussions on-line.


The Thematic workshops on the two following days will be arranged under the coordination of different projects or EU officials, details of which will be communicated by the 20th February. Most meetings are by invitations from the respective conveners, with possible ad hoc attendance upon request.

·         Final conference of the PANDEM project (15th March full day in plenary room) convened by Jean-Luc Gala (UCL, BE)

·         Workshop on Culture of Risks convened on 15th March afternoon by Aleks Oczko-Dolny (DG HOME)

·         Workshop on Evaluation and Certification Schemes for Security Products (CRISP project) on the 16th March in the morning (plenary) and group discussions in the afternoon convened by YingYing Lau and Jolien Vanzetten (NEN, NL)

·         Conference gathering several projects on "Cascade Effects" starting in plenary on the 16th March afternoon and continuing on the 17th March all day convened by Robert Pelzer (TU Berlin, DE)

·         Workshop on standardisation state-of-play on the 16th March in the morning, convened by Giulio Mancini (DG HOME)


For registration for the plenary meeting of 14th March 

Registration for the 14-17 March  Registration for the 14-17 March
2017-03-14 Draft Agenda  2017-03-14 Draft Agenda

Date 14/03/2017 - 16/03/2017
Location Brussels, Belgium
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