2017 ENCIRCLE Workshop

The 2017 ENCIRCLE workshop will allow to better understand idea of ENCIRCLE project and its objectives. It will allow to present first results of the ENCIRCLE project regarding the analysis of the currently existing needs and gaps in the CBRNe field.

In this workshop you will have an opportunity to understand the opportunities in the CBRN Cluster B call, to learn how ENCIRCLE fits into CBRN Cluster B call, to be Informed about the future CBRN Cluster B calls, to learn about funding opportunities and network with CBRN specialists.

To register please contact: Bartłomiej Jankiewicz bartlomiej.jankiewicz@wat.edu.pl

ENCIRCLE workshop  ENCIRCLE workshop

Date 7/09/2017 - 8/09/2017
Location Warsaw, Poland
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