Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective societies (Challenge 6)

This Work Programme for 2016 and 2017 supports several aims in the three intertwined areas of inclusive, innovative and reflective societies:

Call CO-CREATION: FOR GROWTH AND INCLUSION: Identify sources of growth and employment, renewing the legitimacy of public policy-making and of delivering better public services for all.

Call REV-INEQUAL: REVERSING INEQUALITIES AND PROMOTING FAIRNESS: Fostering a social and economic framework that promotes fairness and sustainability in Europe as key policy objectives, while enhancing social dialogue, respecting the continent’s diversity and considering the global context.

Call ENG-GLOBALLY: ENGAGING TOGETHER GLOBALLY: Ensuring synergies and consistency between Member States, EU foreign policy goals and instruments, and understanding Europe in a global context and its historical and cultural legacy.

Call CULT-COOP: UNDERSTANDING EUROPE - PROMOTING THE EUROPEAN PUBLIC AND CULTURAL SPACE: Creating a new narrative for Europe by studying the drivers of and obstacles to the emergence of a European public sphere and a European cultural space.


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