ITN Proposal Prescreening Checklist - Tips & Tricks

The content of this document was outlined during a twinning workshop on ITN proposal screening, held in Vienna, in June 2016.
The aim is to provide less experienced NCPs of MSCA with „tips and tricks“ for ITN proposal prescreening. It is based on practical prescreening experience accumulated over the past years and summarizes some aspects and practical approaches helpful for newcomers and less experienced NCPs.
Having mentioned this, it should be stressed that in practice, there is of course not the one right way to perform a
prescreening. Instead, NCPs have various approaches of doing this work. This depends not only on the institutional / national context defining the way of supporting applicants, but also on individual working styles and preferred forms of interaction with applicants.
Therefore, this document should be seen as a suggestion to less experienced NCPs, providing some ideas on how to make prescreening more effective and eventually also more efficient.
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