Looking for the partners - EINFRA-22-2016


Looking for the partners from EU with innovative idea to participate Horizon 2020
RIA Research and Innovation action
TOPIC : User-driven e-infrastructure innovation
Topic identifier: EINFRA-22-2016

We are: The Cosmic-Meteo-Tectonics Distant School (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski) is research team explores the results of the subterranean electric (SE) measurements obtained by exploiting of multi-electrode systems (SE-station). The network of ten (10) SE-stations locates in remote places of Northern Hemisphere: Kamchatka, Altai mountains, Crimea, Italy.

Innovative approach to place SE-stations at the division of tectonosphere and atmosphere gave us unexplored results which has impact to understand natural impulse phenomena prior to and during the geophysical phenomena.

Also we've investigated coherence of multiple data of geophysical instrumentation with special method (take a glance into the paper in press). But we need to implement intelligent approach (optimization technique ,artificial intelligence) to extract useful data for every channel at every station. Every station has at least 16 channels, the volume of accumulated data exceed tens of gigabytes. Our archives data base is from 2001 to 2012 (3 hour set of data) and from 2012 till today (~1 sec set of data). In attachment you find description data cosmetecor.

Who wants to join us and for further information you can write on: vad.bobrovskiy@cosmetecor.org

some technical details :

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