European Exascale Software Initiative, EESI2, international conference

The second European Exascale Software Initiative, EESI2, is organizing its final international conference from May 28 noon until May 29 noon, 2015 in Dublin in coordination with the PRACEdays15 (26 – 28 May).

More information about the program can be found on the EESI website: 

EESI2 is an EC-funded FP7 project. The main goals of EESI2 are to elaborate an evolutive European vision and roadmap and to propose recommendations to address the challenges of Extreme Data and Extreme Computing for the new generation of Exascale computers expected in 2020. More than 120 experts have been involved in the project during the last two years and documents including recommendations have already been published. The EESI2 project will present its works, vision and recommendations to a large public in a final two days conference, on 28 – 29 May 2015 in Dublin.

This major event is organized by SURFsara and funded by the European Commission. The public includes worldwide experts, scientists, engineers, policy makers from different European member states and representatives of the European Commission. The first day of the event will focus on the technical challenges and recommendations in the areas of “Tools and Programming Models”, “Ultra Scalable Algorithms” and “Data Centric Approaches”, each of them being underlined with the needs of specific user applications. Discussion on the technical aspects of the recommendations will be facilitated through a panel at the end of the day. The second day will focus on the international HPC ecosystem, including co-design and education aspects, and the way forward beyond EESI2. The EC will present its strategy and plans in the HPC area as well. The day will end with a panel discussion on how organizing in future the eco-system, the collaborations at international level and between scientists and industrials. Important stakeholders and the EC are expected to contribute to the panel.

The conference will be held back-to-back with PRACEdays15 (26 – 28 May), in the same location. It is also possible to register for the EESI2 final conference in combination with PRACEdays15 (total fee € 60). If you only want to register for the EESI2 final conference Thursday 28 May – Friday 29 May (not in combination with PRACEdays15), this is possible on the EESI website, no fee will be charged.

Date 28/05/2015 - 29/05/2015
Location Dublin, Ireland
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