5G PPP Phase 2 Information Day and Stakeholders Event

Speakers from European Commission (Unit Network Technologies) and high-level speakers from 5G Infrastructure Association will be present at the event. This includes:

·         Thibaut Kleiner, European Commission, Head of Unit Network Technologies

·         Jacques Magen, Member of the Board of the 5G Infrastructure Association

·         Dr. Didier Bourse, Director, European Research Cooperation

·         Werner Mohr, Chair of the Board of the 5G Infrastructure PPP Association

·         Jean-Sébastien Bedo, Head of Networks Foresight and Strategy, Orange Labs Research.


Participants will have the opportunity to present their own project concepts (max
4 PowerPoint slides) and to meet representatives from companies/SMEs, universities and research organizations in order to exchange ideas with the aim of paving the way for future cooperation.



Date 18/05/2016 09:30 - 18/04/2016 17:00
Location Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, (conference room no 107) 75 Koszykowa Street, 00-662 Warsaw, Poland
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