Presentations of the 13th Ilan Ramon Conference - Earth Observation Workshop 2018


Presentations of the Space Infoday Poland, Warsaw 2017


Presentations of the Space Infoday Rome, Italy 2017

Presentations of the Space Infoday Tallinn, Estonia 2017


Presentations of the Space NCP Infoday 2017


Space Infoday 9.8.2017


Cooperation with Mexico - Horizon2020 space call


Presentasions of Warsaw Space Infoday - Horizon 2020 2016-7 calls


GSA Information Technology-Strategic Plan,Fiscal Year 2015–2019


3rd International Space Research Conference, Rome, 15-16.9.14

The 3rd International Space Research Conference presented the current status and results of the 4th and 5th FP7 Space calls and future options for European research in the space field were discussed. The conference aimed at demonstrating the evolution and use of space technologies for sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental development in European and global contexts.

Horizon 2020 Space Info day Toulouse 2.7.14

The Horizon 2020 Space Info day in Toulouse was a combination of two events TSS and COSMOS Info Day. While TSS focused on business contacts and exhibitions in the field of Space applications and space industry (infrastructures and supply chain), the COSMOS Info Day helped navigating through the world of research and innovation funding by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 Programme. We presented several works of Israeli researches and SMEs, and received many expressions of interest and willingness for Cooperation.

Horizon 2020 SPACE Infoday Brussels 12.2013


Space Workprogram 2014-2015


Horizon 2020 SPACE Infoday Toulouse 12.11.2013

The Horizon 2020 Space Tour in Toulouse was successful more than 150 participants attended this two-day event held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Midi-Pyrénées and at the CNES in Toulouse. Organisations from 12 European countries were represented.

This event gave the opportunity to SMEs, universities, industries, research centers, national authorities and local administrations to learn about the latest information from the European Commission, related to the first Space call under Horizon 2020 and rules for participation.

Horizon2020 Space Infoday Bremen 10.2013

On 9 and 10 October the Countdown to Horizon 2020 Space Tour took place in Bremen with the support of local industry and research organisations. More than 130 participants came to Bremen, the city of innovation and participated in a two-day-programme that covered all aspects of Space in Horizon 2020 and offered outstanding networking opportunities.

The 12 th Ilan Ramon Conference

The 12 th Ilan Ramon Conference -presentations

Copernicus market report

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