ESA issues call for new Earth Explorer proposals

This Call is open to all proposals that fit the criteria indicated in Chapter 6 of this document.

A response to the Call may be made by ESA Member States’ or Canadian scientists, or teams of scientists, where proposing   teams also may include scientists from non-ESA member states


A Letter of Intent to be submitted by 1 February 2016, introducing the proposing team and briefly outlining the mission
objectives and characteristics. The letter should not exceed 3 pages and the group of proposing scientists should be limited to those directly involved in preparing the proposal, see Annex B.

Proposers workshop at ESTEC, The Netherlands on 8 March 2016. The workshop will provide an opportunity to answer questios related to the Call.


The full proposal to be submitted by 24 June 2016


For more Information:  


EE9  EE9

Date 27/12/2015 - 27/06/2016
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