An Italian Company named GaiaG is looking for Collaboration on H2020 Topics


An Italian Company named GaiaG is looking for Collaboration on H2020 Topics


About the company ?
We develops Decision Support System: from satellites data to prescription and alerts for agriculture, energy, earth observation, security.

What do you do ?
EUMETFAST for EUMETCast satellite data processing in real time for Earth Observation, security and weather
and Precision Agriculture: Precision Wine, Precision Coffee, Precision Kiwi.

With whom you are interested to collaborate (Industry Academia)?
Yes, potential customers, technological and commercial regional partner

Interested in Horiozn2020 (Yes/No – what topics)?
Yes: copernicus, climate change, renewable energy (our Precision Energy under development), smart city, green economy, security

Contact details:
mobile +39.3479197627

  GaiaG corporate
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