EPIC-Israeli photonics industry meeting

EPIC-Israeli photonics industry meeting

with participation of

Mr.Carlos Lee, president of the European Photonics Industry Consortium

( www.epic-assoc.com  )



will take place at

Monday, January 2, 2016 at 10:00

at ISERD-The Israel Innovation Authority,

3rd floor, west wing, Hayarden 4, Airport City, Lod


Meeting purpose are:

  • to get a presention on the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)
  • to here how ISERD helps Israeli Photonics companies get involved with European R&D programs.
  • to introduce several Israeli Photonics & Laser related companies to Carlos Lee
  • to prepare a 15-20 man delegation from EPIC to the OASIS conference Feb 27-28, 2017


EPIC is interested in bringing a high level delegation of their members to OASIS (Feb 27-28) http://oasis6.org.il/ to achieve visibility for EPIC and to engage the Israeli photonics leadership. The delegation will participate in the OASIS conference where 2 closed sessions will be held between senior leaders of the Israeli Photonics & Lasers related industry and the EPIC delegation. In addition, the delegation will tour Israel on Sunday Feb 26 and Wednesday March 1 There is a very tight and hectic visit planned for Carlos Lee but it was very important for him to meet with you and other heads of the ISrael photonics industry. EPIC has never been to Israel and is Europe's leading industrial photonics association uniting the European Photonics industry and working with the EC R&D directorate. Carlos Lee is flying in for one day for a quick trip to prepare for the EPIC delegation. Your participation would be appreciated.


The meeting will be hosted at the new ISERD by

Dr.Aviv Zeevi, who is responsible for photonics related R&D,Director ICT Security FET,

ISERD T: 972546622112 mail:mailto:aviv@iserd.org.il 

For further information, 

please contact Joe van Zwaren, mailto:good.o.joe@gmail.com T: 054-9730029


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