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Industrial R&D Cooperation with European Countries

As Israel’s number one trading partner, Europe is a continent rich in opportunities for Israeli industry. European countries, the EU and Israel have a long history of successful and groundbreaking technological and scientific cooperation in a number of fields – much of which is a result of the many bilateral cooperation agreements between Israel and European countries, along with Israel’s membership in a number of multinational programs for collaboration in industrial R&D. Europe is to date Israel's main partner for collaborative industrial R&D projects, allowing Israeli companies to access know how, R&D infrastructure and access to world markets together with European partners.
In fact, ISERD implements a large number of bilateral agreements with European countries and regions, and Israeli companies can collaborate with companies in any European country through industrial R&D programs like EUREKA and Eurostars. Around 100 new projects are approved and funded every year in these programs.

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Mr. Uzi Bar-Sadeh - Bilateral programs Manager - Europe; EUREKA and Eurostars   03-5118185



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ISERD - Israel-Europe
Directorate for Research & Innovation
Cooperation between Israel and Europe in thematic and/or Bi-National Programs
 - Extensive network of contacts with similar agencies in Europe
- Partner Searches - proposals submissions process
- identifying various partners and business opportunities
 - assistance, training and consulting services to interested parties.
 - information dissemination and raising awareness within Israel.
- Organizing events such as training sessions, seminars, conferences etc.



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