Bi-National Programs
Call IdentifierTitlePublication DateDeadline
Sweden-Israel Bilateral Call - 2013Sweden-Israel Bilateral Call - 20131/11/201330/12/2013
Hungary-Israel Call for ProposalsHungary-Israel Call for Proposals30/9/201331/12/2013
Lithuania-Israel Call for ProposalsLithuania-Israel Call for Proposals1/12/201325/2/2014
Open Eurostars CallEurostars, helping SMEs to innovate and compete internationally6/1/201413/3/2014
Cyprus-Israel Call for ProposalsCyprus-Israel Call for Proposals28/1/201410/4/2014
Celtic-Plus Spring Call 2014 (2014-1)Celtic-Plus Spring Call 201423/3/201415/5/2014
ERA.Net RUS Plus Call for Proposals - 2014ERA.Net RUS Plus Call for Proposals31/3/201428/5/2014
Italy-Israel Industrial R&D Cooperation CallItaly-Israel Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects10/3/20145/6/2014
Catalonia - Israel 3rd CallCatalonia - Israel 3rd Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects27/5/201421/7/2014
Eurostars call 2014Eurostars call 20147/7/201411/9/2014
7th German - Israeli Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects - 20147th German - Israeli Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects16/7/201430/10/2014
Rusnano-Israel 4th Call for Proposals- 2014Rusnano-Israel 4th Call for Proposals- 20141/7/201427/11/2014
France-Israel Call for ProposalsFrance-Israel Industrial R&D Cooperation Call19/3/201430/11/2014
First deadline for submission May 28th, 2014//Second deadline for submission November 30th, 2014
Celtic-Plus Winter Call 2015 (call 2015-1)Celtic-Plus Winter Call 201514/10/201410/2/2015
Austria-Israel Call for Proposals for Joint R&D ProjectsAustria-Israel Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects30/1/201416/2/2015
Cut-off date(s): 29.10.2014//16.02.2015
Lithuania-Israel 4 Call for ProposalsLithuania-Israel 4 Call for Proposals20/11/201426/2/2015
Italy-Israel Call for ProposalsItaly-Israel Call for Proposals15/1/201516/4/2015
Celtic-Plus Spring Call 2015 (call 2015-1)Celtic-Plus Spring Call 201515/2/201529/5/2015
Spain Israel Industrial R&D Cooperation Call 2015Spain Israel Industrial R&D Cooperation Call10/3/201518/6/2015
Catalonia - Israel 4th Call for Proposals for Joint R&D ProjectsCatalonia - Israel 4th Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects25/5/201530/7/2015
Eurostars call 2015Eurostars call 20151/7/201517/9/2015
Israel – Denmark Eurostars Joint Call 2015Israel – Denmark Eurostars Joint Call 20154/5/201517/9/2015
Celtic-Plus Autumn Call 2015 (call 2015-2)Celtic-Plus Autumn Call 201516/2/201515/10/2015
8th German - Israeli Call for Proposals-20158th German - Israeli Call for Proposals-201511/6/20152/11/2015
France-Israel Call for Proposals 2015France-Israel Call for Proposals 201525/3/201526/11/2015
first cut-off phase 1 submissions 08.06.2015//the second cut-off-26.11.2015
Lithuania-Israel 5th Call for Proposals - 2015Lithuania-Israel 5th Call for Proposals - 20153/9/20151/12/2015
Rusnano-Israel Call for Proposals - 2015Rusnano-Israel Call for Proposals - 201517/6/201526/1/2016
Austria-Israel Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects -2015Austria-Israel Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects -201525/5/20151/2/2016
cut-off date for submissions:01/09/2015, 01/02/2016
Eurostars Program - Winter call 2016Eurostars Program1/1/201618/2/2016
Israel-Italy call - 2016Israel-Italy call -20161/12/20157/3/2016
Deadline for full submission for OCS funding request in Hebrew-14.04.2016
Hungary - Israel 4th Call for Proposals-2016Hungary - Israel 4th Call for Proposals - 20161/2/201616/5/2016
Spain-Israel 8th Call for Proposals - 2016Spain-Israel 8th Call for Proposals - 201614/3/20169/6/2016
Poland-Israel 4th Call for Proposals-2016Poland-Israel 4th Call for Proposals-201620/4/201619/7/2016
Eurostars Program - Autumn call 2016Eurostars Program1/1/201615/9/2016
Slovakia - Israel 1st Call for ProposalsSlovakia - Israel 1st Call for Proposals1/8/201631/10/2016
Rusnano-Israel 6th Call for Proposals - 2016Rusnano-Israel 6th Call for Proposals - 201629/6/201629/12/2016
Fifteenth Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects – 2017 - INDUSTRIAL TRACKIsrael-Italy Joint Innovation Program for Industrial, Scientific and Technological Cooperation in R&D - 15 Call- 2017 - INDUSTRIAL TRACK27/10/201616/1/2017
Austria-Israel Call for Proposals 2016Austria-Israel Call for Proposals 20161/7/201615/2/2017
The Eureka form and the national funding application should be submitted, either by September 1 st ,
Greece-Israel Call for Proposals - 2017Greece-Israel Call for Proposals - 201724/1/201725/4/2017
Israel- Spain 9th Call for Proposals for Joint R&D ProjectsIsrael- Spain 9th Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects11/4/201715/6/2017
Poland-Israel 5th callPoland-Israel 5th call9/5/20178/8/2017
9th German Israeli Call-20169th German Israeli Call-20161/9/20161/12/2016
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