SOLAR-ERA.NET transnational call for proposals

The SOLAR-ERA.NET is a FP7 funded European network of national and regional research and technology development (RTD) and innovation programs in the field of solar electricity generation, i.e. photovoltaics (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) / solar thermal electricity (STE).

SOLAR-ERA.NET has launched its second set of Transnational Calls PV2 and CSP2. 17 countries and regions participate with their RTD and innovation programmes in these calls. Israel, through the Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy, and Water Resources, is participating in the program.

The total public funding budget for both calls is 12 million euros, covering topics in photovoltaics (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP). Innovative project proposals - are sought on transnational level between different European countries strengthening the competitive position of the European solar power industry.


The following topics are part of the second set of transnational calls:

SOLAR-ERA.NET transnational call PV2

• PV2.1 Innovative processes for inorganic thin-film cells & modules

• PV2.2 Dedicated modules for BIPV design and manufacturing

• PV2.3 Grid integration and large-scale deployment of PV

• PV2.4 High-efficiency PV modules based on next generation c-Si solar cells

• PV2.5 Solar glass and encapsulation materials

• PV2.6 Concentrator PV technology

• PV2.7 Si feedstock, crystallization and wafering

SOLAR-ERA.NET transnational call CSP2

• CSP2.1 Cost reduction and efficiency increase in components

• CSP2.2 Dispatchability through storage and hybridisation

• CSP2.3 New fluids for CSP plants

• CSP2.4 Innovative thermodynamic cycles  


Preproposals must be submitted not later than 30th of April 2014.

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