Other Calls

5th Fed4FIRE Open Call for SME experimenters

Feasibility check deadline: 2 March 2016
Submission deadline: 9 March 2016

Future Internet

FIWARE Projects and their Calls for SMEs- 16 “accelerator projects” are publishing calls for SMEs, start-ups and web-entrepreneurs to develop highly innovative services and applications with FIWARE technologies


ECSEL is a partnership between the private and the public sectors for advancing the state-of-the art in electronic components and systems.

Open Call for Big Data startups and SMEs-Solve real industry challenges

Big Data innovators are invited to solve real industry challenges across a wide range of sectors.
Selected startups will have access to a free Cloud environment for scalable data processing, data from major European organisations, free business services to boost their growth, a network of data specialists, and up to €100,000 equity free funding.
27/06/2018 13:00
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