CleanSky2 Call For Core Partners Wave 4


Deadline : 9.3.16, 17:00 Brussels time 

Submission as consortia or one big company.

Total Budget of 56.7M Euro


The Core Partners will be Members of the JU and, with a strategic long-term commitment to the funding and implementation of the Programme, will perform strategic tasks and bring key capabilities to implement the Programme through the research actions in which they are involved.

An application as Core Partner will only be considered eligible if:

  • Its content corresponds, wholly or in part, to the topic description against which it is submitted, in the relevant work plan part
  • Submitted by a legal entity established in a Member State or H2020 associated country;
  • Submitted by a Consortium of legal entities established in a Member State or H2020 associated country jointly applying to become individual Members.
  • Submitted by a Cluster as single legal entity established in a Member State or H2020 associated country.


Applicants may submit proposals against one or more topics,

but shall submit separate applications for each topic of interest.

The applicants may submit only one application for each topic!


Joint applications by legal entities:

  • Different legal entities may apply jointly as Consortia to become Core Partners and to perform technical work. In this case, Consortium members are all requested individually to become Members of the CSJU and sign individually the GAM
  • A Cluster can apply only if it constitutes a single legal entity. In this case, it will become an individual Member of the CSJU and will sign the GAM
  • Consortia should appoint at application stage a "Consortium Leader" and shall perform the elaborated tasks

 Complementary activities: If an applicant considers that it has different applications, different technologies or innovative solutions to propose in relationship to one topic, he/she should present them in the same single application as “complementary activities”. The submission forms will include a specific section where the applicant should detail the description and budget of any complementary activity.

Activities of the programme will go up to, and not beyond, TRL 6. They are considered to fall into the ‘Innovation actions’ category according to H2020 rules. Accordingly, they shall be funded at 70% of the eligible costs.

All document can be found under "Topic conditions and documents" at the Participant portal once choosing a specific topic



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