The ESNC 2016 "Master Galileo" Competition final results

The ESNC 2016 "Master Galileo" Competition final results
The European Satellite Navigation Competition is an international contest that awards the best services, products, or business innovations using SATELLITE NAVIGATION IN EVERYDAY LIFE. It aims to provide support to entrepreneurs, start-ups, students, and all participants to get their business off the ground. The competition comprises a leading network in satellite navigation with support from key GNSS stakeholders, regional partners worldwide and the largest space-related incubation network.
Three different prices could be won:
•   A regional price - Each 44 countries taking part at the competition, were divided into
     24 regions, the candidates submitted  their idea to a chosen region, proposal were
     evaluated and a regional winner was chosen. Registration to the regional price was
•   A special price – Each candidate was could also be nominated to one out of 8 special prices
•   Master Galileo – All winners of the regional and special prizes were candidates for the
     Galileo Master’s grand prize of EUR 10,000 and six months incubation in a regional centre
     of their choice.


The 2016 ESNC competition  addressed participants from more than 40 different countries. A remarkable number of submissions for various fields of application were received from teams comprising a total of 1,000 participants.


15 candidates signed up to the Israeli region but only 12 were completed ideas and were submitted for evaluation. The Israeli candidates presented different applications from different fields: navigation, agriculture, rescue services, social services, etc.


A committee composed of four experts in satellite navigation, on behalf of ISERD, the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy and the Israel Space Agency, evaluated the different proposals and chose five submissions that continued to a second stage of evaluation. The candidates were invited for an interview in front of the experts in order to have the opportunity to present their venture more broadly.


The Israeli region finalists:


OptibusThe winner of the Israeli region, ESNC 2016 competition !!! 


Directed by Gady Shlasky, CEO, established 2011, about 20 employees.
Optibus revolutionizes public transportation scheduling and operations by introducing Optibize™ - a new innovative, super-fast optimization technology, which is based on new patent pending algorithms. Optibize™ transforms legacy offline planning and problem handling into an interactive real-time process, thus elevating public transportation companies to operate much more efficiently and dynamically, reduce cost, and deliver better passenger service.


Among the 24 regional winners, 14 regional winners were invited to present their project at the awards ceremony. The Israeli winner, Gady Shlasky, was among those winners. The Israeli candidate did not won the World "Master Galileo" award but he proudly represented Israel and won a trophy for participating and winning the regional contest. 


FireJet – Second place


Directed by Lihai Katz , Established 2016, 3 employees.
The Firejet is the hovering fire-hose of the 21st century. The Firejet head connects to the fire hose and uses the water from the hose to propel and maneuver in the air. The Firejet is remote controlled by a firefighter, and connected by a hose to the firetruck pump. When there is a fire, in a forest or a building, the Firejet can hover, spray water from above or enter through a window putting out the fire from within the building.


Airscort – Third place


Directed by Itai Straus & Yitzhak Tal. Established in 2014, 3 employees.
Drones have huge potential in many commercial industries, however using them is still a huge hassle due to limited battery life and various other limitations. Airscort has developed a drone docking stations which takes care of all the drones needs enabling fully autonomous commercial applications.


GreenQ -


Directed by Shlomy Ashkenazi. Established 2015, 8 employees.

GreenQ brings smart online management to any existing urban waste pickup service. A major part of the municipality budget is allocated for waste pickup and disposal.  As of today, the Waste Collection provider has zero visibility on real time issues. GreenQ offers a simple solution; it collects real time data on the waste pickup process, without any need of manual activation. Using GreenQ, the waste pickup process can be monitored by city, neighborhood, street, property or even a single waste bin. After learning the environment, GreenQ will provide an ongoing recommendations to optimize the waste pickup service, reduce costs and improve service to the city residents.




A team of 6 people, "Sensify First "by AYCom is an IoT solution, GNSS navigated and location based, for search & rescue of people trapped in shelters or debris after terror attacks or natural disasters. The system uses unique tags containing personal identification information and a drone mounted receiver/transmitter, together with a hand-held android device by the search & rescue teams.


Date 13/11/2016 - 13/11/2017
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