FTI- Fast Track to Innovation

What is the Fast-Track-to-Innovation scheme (FTI)?

·         The Fast-Track-to-Innovation (FTI) is a program that helps fund breakthrough innovation projects, in small industrial consortiums (3-5 participants), which are close-to-market. Projects are encouraged to be interdisciplinary and consist of diverse stakeholders. The group must be industry-oriented (2 out of 3 participants, or 3 out 4-5 participants, should be from the industry; or 60% of the budget should go to industry) but can include also other players such as academia, governmental authorities, end-users, etc.

·         The FTI will fund innovation activities from demonstration towards market uptake. That is, the intention is to support technologies, processes and business models that are relatively ripe and need final development and "last push" to be widely deployed and shape new markets. Average time-to-market would be up to 2-3 years. At the beginning of the projects the technology readiness level would be 6 ('demonstrated in relevant environment'), and during the project it will be raised to 8.

·         Maximum grant per consortium would be 3 million Euros (from 1 to 3 million Euros), in 70% funding rate for industry.

·         Eligible actions: piloting, test-beds, systems validation in real-world working conditions, validations of business models, pre-normative research, and standard-setting.

When to submit and in what subjects?

·         All subjects are eligible for submission (it is a 'bottom-up' scheme); and one may re-submit again and again (no limit for resubmissions).

·         Cut-offs for 2019:  21.02.19, 23.05.19, 22.10.19.

How do the forms for submission look like?

·         See here the FTI template.

·         Submission is done through the Funding and Tender Portal, see the FTI call here.

Additional helpful links:

·         EIC work-program where the vision, goals, budget of FTI are detailed.

·         See all the winners of the FTI in the FTI data hub.

·         FTI self-evaluation form.

·         Assessment of the 2015 response to FTI pilot call.
In this assessment it was found that many of the funded projects were already in development for a while, they had a valid analysis of their markets and future customers, and the average grant was 2.1 million Euros per project constructed of 4-5 participants, with big participation of SMEs.


Business Acceleration Services:

Winning SMEs in the FTI are eligible for receiving coaching support up to 12 days.


For additional questions you may address: SME_FTI@iserd.org.il


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