SESAR 2020

SESAR (Single European Sky Air - Traffic Management Research) - a project designed to manage the European Technological Vision of a "unified sky": A vision to Unify and upgrade the European airspace.  SESAR has two founding members: the European Union, represented by the European Commission, and the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL), represented by its Agency.


In order to manage the technological aspects of the program a private public partnership was established - SESAR-JU (PPP) and it is responsible for the coordination of R & D and technological upgrades and procedures required for air transport management (ATM) in Europe.

SESAR-JU (PPP) was established in 2007 given a total budget of 2.1 billion euros. The funding sources are equally distributed between the European Commission, EUROCONTROL  and the industry (one-third of the amount is given by each side). The Industry partners represents about 15 private and public bodies including aircraft manufacturers, operators of airport service and providers of air navigation services. The program will continue in the years 2007-2016.

SESAR JU Working plan is divided into three phases, by 2016 the first phase and a large part of the second phase will be covered and the completion of the second and third phase will continue under a separated budget (SESAR2020).

On 2013 an extension was posted to SESAR JU until 2024 - a total budget estimated at 1.6 billion euros for the period of 2014-2024. Israel did not take part in the SESAR program but there is a great desire for its participation in SESAR 2020 program, since it possess many technological capabilities in the fields of cyber security and RAPS.

SESAR Showcase event - Online Videos and Presentations


SESAR 2020 Info day 16.6.14 - Presentaions

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