SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research and Very Large Scale Demonstrations Open Call Technical Specification - Background


This call covers Exploratory Research activities and Very Large Scale Demonstrations activities.

1. SESAR Exploratory Research (ER) drives the development and evaluation of innovative or unconventional ideas, concepts, methods and technologies; that can define and deliver the performance required for the next generation of European ATM system. It is the initial part of SESAR 2020 Research and Innovation (R&I) and covers two types of activities: Fundamental Scientific Research (to TRL1) and Application-oriented Research (to TRL2). In particular, the Application oriented Research help to mature new concepts for ATM beyond those identified in the ATM Master Plan as well as help mature emerging technologies and methods to the level of maturity required to feed the applied research conducted in the Industrial Research and Validation phase of SESAR.


2. The Very Large Scale Demonstrations (VLD) are designed to help fill the gap between the development and deployment phases and in particular, to:

• Generate further confidence to support buy-in from main stakeholders including regulators for

   future deployments.
• Significantly reduce the business risks for both operational stakeholders and industry, in particular for

   changes included in the Common Projects.
• Provide further inputs to related standardization activities.
• Raise awareness regarding SESAR activities related to ATM performance issues and their results.
• Accompany SESAR pioneers all the way to pre-deployment.
• To assess full-scale deployment readiness

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