Templates of Parts B1 & B2 for “Latex” users

Q: availability of the AdG Proposal Templates of Parts B1 and B2  for “Latex” users (mathematicians, statisticians etc) instead of Word Documents?

A: There are no templates for “Latex” users, but they can  download the winzip templates (hereattached for your convenience).
As explained in the "Information for Applicants to the ERC 2014 AdG" page 22 - section : The research proposal (Part B) consists of two parts: Part B1 (including cover page, sections a, b, and c) and Part B2 (including sections a, b, and c). The templates for these two sections are provided in PPSS and their use is mandatory. The electronic upload of the research proposal Parts B1 and B2 is done at Step 5 ‘Edit Proposal’ and submitted via PPSS – see point 1.1.3 of this document.
So, once you have begun your submission on the Participant Portal, you will get to step 5 : Edit Proposals' Forms, from where you can get the word forms. You should click on "download templates" and then open the 3 files.

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