EU research on Ebola

Currently, there is no specific treatment or vaccine available against Ebola, nor a rapid diagnostic test that can be deployed in countries with weak health systems.

To address this urgent need, the EU is boosting its investment in Ebola research aiming at further achieving life-changing results.


A coordinated global action

The scale of the Ebola outbreak means that no one can tackle it alone as this crisis requires a coordinated global response.

On 3 March 2015, a high-level event – Ebola "From Emergency to Recovery" – was held in Brussels. At this conference, the co-chairs (EU, UN, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, the African Union and ECOWAS) commended the unprecedented effort to develop diagnostic tests, vaccines, and treatments against Ebola . PDF icon They acknowledged that a coordinated research effort both in the inter-epidemic periods and in emergency situations is a crucial element of preparedness, and that this will need to be strengthened.

An emergency response – supporting the most advanced vaccine and treatment candidates

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