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ISERD is an inter-ministerial directorate, established by the Ministry of economics, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ISERD – The Israeli Directorate for EU FP - aims at promoting joint Israeli-EU R&D ventures within the EU’s R&D Framework Program.

At the level of the EU, the Framework Program is the main instrument for research funding in Europe, bringing together industries and academic research.

ISERD operating through the Israel Innovation Authority, is Israel’s official National Contact Point (NCP) with the EU, for all the activities of FP.

ISERD’s representatives participate in the FP’s management committees Program Management Committees.


Actively assists academic and industrial entities in preparing and submitting
their EU-RTD program proposals.
Provides help identifying various partners and business opportunities.
Offers assistance, training and consulting services to interested parties.
Works on information dissemination and raising awareness within Israel.
Organizes events such as training sessions, seminars, conferences and


Address:29 Hamered St.Tel Aviv , 4 th floor , 61500, Israel
Tel:972-3-5118118 , 972-3-5118122

For more details and examples of winning proposals please download our brochure:



ISERD brochure (Horizon 2020 2014-2020) :      (7,100kb)

ISERD brochure (FP7  2004-2013) :      (1,509kb)


ISERD brochure (Horizon 2020 2014-2020) :      (7,100kb)

ISERD brochure (FP7 2004-2013)       (1,509kb)

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