Horizon 2020 - 3rd call for the years 2018 -2020

Pre-Publication Drafts

Date Title Additional info
February 2017
7/02/2017EO Workshop presentations
October 2017
15/10/2017Horizon 2020 3rd call for the years 2018-2020 - Pre-Publication Drafts
November 2017
7/11/2017ISERD Newsletter - November 2017
January 2018
26/01/2018Fuel Cells & Hydrogen JU INFO DAY on 2018 call for proposals
Location Brussels
Organizer FCH JU
28/01/2018The 13th Ilan Ramon Conference - Earth Observation applications and services Workshop
Location Israel Innovation Authority - ISERD, Einstein Hall, 4 floor, 4 Hayarden St., Airport City Israel
31/01/2018Open Data in Science: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe – ICSU Workshop
Location Belgium, Brussels, Rue du Trône 62
February 2018
1/02/2018The SMI2G Meeting 2018
Location Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Brussels
1/02/2018NGI Matchmaking Event
Location Lyon, France
1/02/2018ALLEA Workshop: Ethical aspects of Open Access: A Windy Road
Location Belgium, Brussels
1/02/2018Orientation Presentation
Location ISERD's office, 4 Hayarden St. Airport City, 3rd floor, Marie Curie Conference Room (377)
Organizer ISERD
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