Israel-Italy Joint Innovation Program for Industrial, Scientific and Technological Cooperation in R&D


The annual Israel-Italy call for 2017 is open from October 27, 2016, and the deadline for submissions is January 16, 2017


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The Israel-Italy Joint Innovation Program for Industrial, Scientific and Technological Cooperation in R&D is dedicated to the development of long-term R&D collaboration between Italian and Israeli industries, in keeping with the economic strength of Italy, its technological position in the world, and with the special abilities of the Israeli technological industrial infrastructure and its international position.


The program implements the Bilateral R&D Agreement between Israel and Italy signed in Bologna on June 13th, 2000

The Parties

Israel: ISERD, on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Economy

Italy: Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Directorate General for Mediterranean and Middle East Countries

Program Administration

The program maintains representatives in both Italy and Israel; Italian and Israeli entities should contact their respective representatives.

Application Procedures

Initially, an Application Form filled in English must be sent simultaneously to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Middle East Department of the “Directorate General for Mediterranean and Middle East Countries” – and to the Israeli Authorities (Ministry of Economy - Office of the Chief Scientist – OCS, through ISERD). The application must be filled out completely and signed by the people responsible for the project.

For projects which have passed the initial screening, Israeli companies should then fill the  OCS Forms.

The projects approved by the Italian and Israeli Authorities, which will be selected in the framework of the Calls, will be financed by the contracting Parties of the Agreement. The support will be given to each partner by its own Authorities in accordance with the national and/or regional Laws, Rules, Regulations and Procedures in effect.

In Israel:
Ran Arad
Program Manager - Northern & Western Europe
ISERD, the Israel-Europe R&D Directorate
Tel: +972 3 5118152
In Italy:
Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale
D.G.S.P. – Unità per la Cooperazione Scientifica e Tecnologica Bilaterale e Multilaterale
certified electronic mail: (for official submission) (for general information)


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