Russia-Israel Bilateral R&D Program

Rusnano-Israel 7th Call for Proposals - 2017

Call opens: 03 July 2017| call closes: 28 December 2017, 17.00 CET (19.00 Moscow Time).

Call information page : ISERD Site


In the framework of the activities foreseen by the Agreement on industrial and technological research and development cooperation between Russia and Israel, the Government of the Russian Federation and The Government of the State of Israel, The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs on behalf of the Russian Federation and ISERD on behalf of the State of Israel- Innovation Authority, Ministry of Economy, are announcing the procedures for the selection of R&D projects eligible for financial support within this framework .

Program Scope

Joint Russian-Israeli R&D projects can be presented in the following areas:

·         nanotechnology in medicine and public health;

·         nano- and biotechnology;

·         nanotechnology in agriculture and food science;

·         nanotechnology in new energy sources and use of natural resource;

·         nanotechnology in environnent;

·         nanotechnology in communication;

·         nanotechnology in space;

·         nanotechnology in information technologies and data communication;

·         any other area of mutual interest.


In addition, Joint Russian-Israeli R&D projects can be presented if project is in the sphere of nanotechnologies and the related high-technology sectors on the following technological spheres of activity:


·         genomic technologies and services;

·         medical equipment;

·         industrial biotechnologies;

·         regenerative medicine and cellular technologies;

·         composite materials (including natural fibers, biotextiles);

·         industrial nanocoverings (including CVD, PLD, PVD, ALD);

·         technologies of modification (engineering) of classical materials;

·         green chemistry (including on the basis of biocomponents);

·         thin chemistry (including functional polymers, specialplastics, surfactant, modifiers of polymers);

·         renewable power (including wind power);

·         oil and gas industry (including equipment);

·         energy storage systems, sources of current, smart grid;

·         photonics and optoelectronics;

·         micro and a nanoelectronics (including flexible and power electronics);

·         laser technologies and products;

·         photovoltaics (including flexible);

·         lighting engineering;

·         "Internet of things", equipment, elements of systems (including sensors, systems and protocols of communication);

·         lighting engineering;

·         additive technologies (including technologies of a seal and designing, equipment);

·         robotics, industrial and service (including logistics, driveless, replacement of the person / classical mechanisms and decisions);

·         digital production technologies.

        The projects which will be approved in the framework of the program are subject to financing by the relevant funding authorities in Russia and Israel. The support will be given to each partner by its own authorities in accordance with the national and/or regional laws, rules, regulations and procedures in effect.


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