ECSEL Joint Undertaking

ECSEL is a partnership between the private and the public sectors for advancing the state-of-the art in electronic components and systems. 


The ECSEL JU Objectives:

·         Contribute to the implementation of Horizon 2020;

·         Contribute to the development of a strong and globally competitive electronics components and systems industry in the Union;

·         Ensure the availability of electronic components and systems for key markets and for addressing societal challenges, keeping Europe at the forefront of technology development, bridging the gap between research and exploitation, strengthening innovation capabilities and creating economic and employment growth in the Union;

·         Align strategies with Member States to attract private investment;

·         Maintain and grow semiconductor and smart system manufacturing capability in Europe;

·         Secure and strengthen a commanding position in design and systems engineering;

·         Provide access of all stakeholders to a world-class infrastructure for design and manufacturing;

·         Build a dynamic ecosystem involving Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), strengthening existing clusters and creating new clusters.

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The launch of ECSEL Call 2018 is now open. for further information, click here 


Expected Deadlines for first two calls (ECSEL-2018-1-IA / ECSEL-2018-2-RIA):

o    26 April 2018 for Project Outline stage

o    20 September 2018 for Full Project Proposal stage


 Events and Further Information -


ECSEL Symposium

19-20 June, 2018 - Docks Dome, Brussels, Belgium.

For more information click Here.



The 2018 application procedure for the Israeli industry will be uploaded shortly

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