Q: what is the proposals' page limit for FET Open and FET Proactive?

A: Part B of the proposal shall be structured in two parts that shall be submitted as separate documents:

1. Part B1 is strictly limited to 16 A4 pages and shall consist of a. A single A4 title page with acronym, title and abstract of the proposal. b. Maximum 15 A4 pages consisting of an S&T section (section 1), an Impact section (section 2) and an Implementation section (section 3).

2. A part B2 that consists exclusively of the Ethical section (section 4) and to which no page limit applies.

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Q: What is the weight of the evaluation criteria in FET Open and FET Proactive?

A: FET Open and FET Proactive evaluation criteria and weight:

 Excellence  Impact  Quality and efficiency of the implementation
 60%  20%  20%
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Q: Will FET Open in Horizon 2020 cover only ICT topics?

A: No, it is open to early-stage research on any new technological possibility

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