Space research is supported in Horizon 2020 under the heading "Industrial Leadership", in line with the main objective and challenge to foster a cost-effective competitive and innovative space industry (including SMEs) and research community to develop and exploit space infrastructure to meet future Union policy and societal needs.  Horizon 2020 will enable the European space research community to develop innovative space technologies and operational concepts "from idea to demonstration in space", and to use space data for scientific, public, or commercial purposes. Actions will be carried out in conjunction with research activities of the Member States and ESA, aiming at building up complementarity among different actors. The work programme has been structured to address these challenges by:

  • Prioritising the existing two EU Space flagships of European Global Navigation Satellite System (EGNSS) and Earth Observation reaping the benefits they can generate in the coming years and ensuring their state-of-the-art also in the future
  • Ensuring support for the third programmatic priority of the EU space policy: the protection of space infrastructure and in particular the setting up of a Space Surveillance and Tracking system (SST) at European level
  • Ensuring support to EU industry to meet the objectives defined in the Commission communication on Space Industrial Policy, notably to maintain and enhance industry’s competitiveness and its value-chain in the global market
  • Ensuring that Europe’s investments made in space infrastructure are exploited to the benefit of citizens; as well as supporting European space science
  • Enhancing Europe’s standing as attractive partner for international partnerships in space science and exploration.

Space Budget: €228 million for 2018-2020 


Final Space work program 2018-2020 


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